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    [Dice Roller] in Tables

    I might be starting a campaign soon and I want to give my players the ability to automatically roll their characteristic pool with two of those pairs having a boon die added in. So, 4 pairs of 2d6 and 2 pairs of 3d6 dropping the low die. Is there any way to do this using tables?

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    pretty sure its possible but I haven't done much with tables. they're pretty powerful though. I know you can drop the lowest in the chatbox using /roll 3d6d1 (rolls 2 drops the lowest). So I'd bet its possible in tables.

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    I was looking at what Wolfie did in his character creator. He had created a table with 12 entries that rolls 2d6 which then shows the appropriate number in chat. I can create a table that does a similar thing but with 18 entries that ro1ls 3d6 and outputs the appropriate number in chat but can find no way to drop the lowest die.

    I have tried your suggestion of putting 3d6d1 in brackets as a table entry but it just outputs [3d6d1] into the chat. When I put 2d6 in brackets it will spit out the result into the chat but not the die roll which is probably why Wolfie had done his rolls the way he did. My guess here is that Tables are not programmed to understand [3d6d1] in the ruleset.

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