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    Extension: AD&D Options and House Rules


    I built an extension that changes some things in the 2E ruleset to more closely match the way things should be done in 1E and/or OSRIC.

    It's mostly related to surprise and initiative but it does make slight modifications to the character sheet with regard to kits, delay and ability score checks.

    The following options are currently available, though I intend to add more.

    • Change initiative die to d6, and use a d6 icon in the combat tracker
    • Change surprise die to d6 or d12 and update surprise range based on surprise die
    • Disallowing initiative modifiers
    • Grouping initiative by PC, NPC, both or neither
    • Allowing initiative ties for simultaneous initiative situations
    • Swapping grouped initiative results between PCs and NPCs, particularly useful for OSRIC RAW
    • Descending initiative order
    • Resetting initiative at the start of a new round
    • Disallowing and removing the "Delay" option from the character sheet
    • Disallowing ability checks, removing the ability to drag an ability score die from the main tab of the character sheet to make an ability check
    • Removal of the options for "kit" selection from the character sheet

    You can find it in the Forge, here:
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    This now includes the Core 1e extension, by the esteemed Celestian, with an option to turn it on or off.

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