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    Extension: AD&D Options and House Rules

    UPDATED: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post664732


    I built an extension that changes some things in the 2E ruleset to more closely match the way things should be done in 1E and/or OSRIC.

    It's mostly related to surprise and initiative but it does make slight modifications to the character sheet with regard to kits, delay and ability score checks.

    The following options are currently available, though I intend to add more.

    • Change initiative die to d6, and use a d6 icon in the combat tracker
    • Change surprise die to d6 or d12 and update surprise range based on surprise die
    • Disallowing initiative modifiers
    • Grouping initiative by PC, NPC, both or neither
    • Allowing initiative ties for simultaneous initiative situations
    • Swapping grouped initiative results between PCs and NPCs, particularly useful for OSRIC RAW
    • Descending initiative order
    • Resetting initiative at the start of a new round
    • Disallowing and removing the "Delay" option from the character sheet
    • Disallowing ability checks, removing the ability to drag an ability score die from the main tab of the character sheet to make an ability check
    • Removal of the options for "kit" selection from the character sheet

    You can find it in the Forge, here: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/688/view
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    This now includes the Core 1e extension, by the esteemed Celestian, with an option to turn it on or off.

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    Updated to 1.2 in the Forge.

    It now includes:

    • Default to adding new fields for specifying the classes and levels that an NPC fights as or saves as. This should make it easier to handle NPCs that have character levels or NPCs that are designated as fighting or saving as a character class and/or a different number of hit dice. If only "Level or HD" is changed, the NPC will use monster matrices at the HD specified. If a class is specified without a level, the NPCs current hit dice will be used. If the "To Hit" fields are not populated, the NPC combat matrix is editable.
    • Option to use the OSRIC Hit Dice to Equivalent Level table to apply a fighter to-hit matrix to the NPC, versus the default to-hit matrix

    My testing reveals that everything should work as I expect, but it might not, so if you find any issues or have any questions/requests, you can find me here or on the Discord (in the 2E channel).

    Next up is bringing in the OSRIC Equivalent Level saving throw matrix as an option.

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    This is great! Thank you Doomsword! Anyone using it should delete the fudge factor effect that looks like this, or else the variance from the monster matrix will double

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I didn't think to look for that effect and nullify it if this is in use. I don't see why I couldn't do so. I'll look into that.

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    I was informed via PM (several days ago but just saw it a bit ago) that there was a problem in the extension, causing a d10 to be rolled for initiative regardless of setting. I have it fixed in the Forge and I'll publish it as soon as the Forge considers it ready. Make sure to update to receive the fixes.

    Also, FYI, I have some changes coming to the extension that will make it better, as soon as I'm finished with some work on the Core 1e extension. Maybe 2 weeks...

    PS - if anyone finds any issues with this extension or has any suggestions for it, hit me up in the Discord. I'm pretty much always there and you'll get a quick response.
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    I'm posting an update for this, with some significant changes and hopefully maintaining backward compatibility.

    The basic idea is to transition this to an extension that works and provides usefulness for the OSRIC Ruleset (that I hope to release shortly), 2E RAW, and OSRIC/1E RAW run under the 2E ruleset, as well as anything that needs to be added later to support clones of either ruleset.

    Of note for 2E players, it mostly positions the 2E ruleset at RAW, with options to turn on optional stuff. It also takes most of the standard options from 2E and moves them to a new location in the options menu.

    I've really tried to intelligently make sure that no one's game breaks without their knowledge, keep all option settings that have already been set, and logically and carefully add/change things that needed to be changed to maintain fidelity with OSRIC/1E RAW and house rules and 2E RAW and rulebook optional rules.

    Quick summary on who might want to use this and when:

    For 1E players, for now, you would continue running 2E with the 1E option enabled and check your options carefully after upgrade
    For 2E players, you should install this if you want some additional house rules and better options over the default
    For old-school types that want to play 1E/OSRIC, hold tight for the OSRIC ruleset, but continue to use this as you already are and do check the updated options.
    Once OSRIC is released, use it instead of 2E and only include this extension if you want something outside of OSRIC/1E RAW

    Here's a quick spreadsheet on the options, reasoning and testing

    Note that anything marked with a X below has been thoroughly tested as "working"

    ^^ anything in yellow is just something I want to continue looking at.

    Default 2E options that this extension affects

    2E options after this mod is enabled

    OSRIC Ruleset (forthcoming)



    Please let me know if you find any issues with this or have any suggestions or comments. Thanks!
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    An issue was discovered when using this with the latest FG and 2E and attempting a party "rest". This has been resolved and published.

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    Next up on this is adding an alternate ability check type of 3d6, some cleanup and triple-testing against OSRIC ruleset changes. Let me know if there's anything else you want to see.

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    Pushed a fix for an issue I discovered, where init size mod vs item mod wasn't correctly calculating, resulting in init size mod sometimes incorrectly being 0.

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