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    New release available for update, version 2024.06.11

    Fix new campaign initialization errors
    Fix real-time surprise die changes when used with OSRIC
    Fix surprise die default option being incorrect in 2E
    Fix encumbrance management to match changes in CorRPG
    Twitter: @Doomswords
    Discord: Doomsword#0669

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    Thanks for that, much appreciated

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    My pleasure
    Twitter: @Doomswords
    Discord: Doomsword#0669

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    That was quick. Thank you so much!

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    Thanks for the report, and you're quite welcome.
    Twitter: @Doomswords
    Discord: Doomsword#0669

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    New release 1.82 20240612

    Fixes encumbered movement rates not divisible by 3 when used with the OSRIC ruleset
    Twitter: @Doomswords
    Discord: Doomsword#0669

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