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    Full time DM streaming games with some spots open! Info on all the games within!

    All times are in EST, all games last 4 hours and are 20$usd per session paid a month in advance. The first game you play is free.

    Biweekly Mondays 4-8pmest: Curse of Strahd room for 2 more players. Curse of Strahd is an iconic DnD5e adventure if you like gothic horror and a legendary villain this is the game for you

    Biweekly Mondays 7-11pmest: DnD Marathon FULL. In this campaign we'll play through all the official DnD5e modules strung together through small intermissions and changes of my own. If you wanted to experience the story of 5e this is the best way to do so.

    Biweekly Mondays 7-11pmest: Making Waves room for 5 more players. The largest max number of players in a game I'll allow for a total of 9 when we're full! This is a high seas adventure game featuring sailing, piracy and exploration in my own setting of Hasalia. We use a homebrewed set of rules for sailing that's easy to learn and rewarding!

    Biweekly Fridays 7-11pmest: Trouble Shooters room for 2 more players. Using the Cyberpunk RED system the players explore Night City aiming for fame, glory and riches. This is set in Night City 2077! Same setting as the video game but with a better story and less glitches.

    Biweekly Fridays 7-11pmest: Stolen Valour room for 6 more players. Within the Unitied Provinces of Ajin-Shao a group of thieves finds themselves embroiled in a series of conspiracies and mayham as a way to redeem themselves and avoid the headsmans axe. This is a living campaign in my setting of Hasalia. Other campaigns running in that world will impact it and vice versa!

    Weekly Saturdays 7-11pmest: DnD One Shots room for 6 more players. Brand new one shot series starting up, play through all the adventures in Candlekeep Mysteries, Tales From The Yawning Portal, Ghosts of Saltmarsh and more!

    You only need the free version of Fantasy Grounds to attend any games but consider subscribing and using my link to do so! Same for if you plan on purchasing any of their awesome products! http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/316636/15958

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    Hi, I'm available for alternate Saturdays for the weekly Saturday games of DnD One Shots (I just need these to be adventurer's league legal). I'm particularly interested in the streaming aspect as I want to earn service awards without DMing as I'm new to 5e, as I took a few years off from gaming.

    Could you please reach out to me? I'll check this thread daily for a bit and then give you my contact info here, an email, whatever.

    Thanks for the posting!

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    Of course! Sorry for the late response I'll reach out to you in a dm!

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    I’m interested in Strahd. Are there any opening, how many sessions do you think it would take to complete, and what date did you want to start it? I know that was a lot of questions. Thank you for the response.

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