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    Developer Notes - 2022-07 Ruleset Updates

    We are continuing to work on general ruleset updates, as well as a specific push to allow 5E modules to be fully built within FG campaigns. See the main ruleset beta thread for the summary of the updates.

    In order to support ruleset and extension developers, I have made a number of notes regarding changes that should be made to bring rulesets and extensions in-line with changes to ones we directly maintain.

    NOTE: I've only documented the specific rulesets affected for rulesets sold in the FG store or installed by default. Any updates for rulesets provided via FG Forge or other sources (or any extensions) will need to look at the general bullet points for suggested updates.


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    Ruleset/Extension - Suggested Maintenance Updates

    * Remove playercontrol tags on windowclass definitions (not used in FGU)

    * Remove d0,d2,d3 (now included in CoreRPG)

    * Remove htoken template usage in windowclass ps_mainitem (unused)

    * Migrate record view button templates to use ListManager.toggleRecordView (see CoreRPG for examples)

    * For item packs, migrate to new item pack behavior built into ItemManager (see 5E for example of packs and subitems)

    * Review whether to move to charsheet overview subwindow (similar to CoreRPG, 5E and others)

    * Review and/or migrate to standard record_window.lua and record_header*.lua scripts for record windowclasses and subwindows (see examples in CoreRPG and 5E)
    • record_window.lua
    • record_header.lua; record_header_id.lua; record_header_simple.lua
    • Name the link (link_record_header name="link")
    • Use the standard record type label and empty strings; and clean up extra strings
    • Use label_recordtype template for any labelling by record type below record name.
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    Ruleset/Extension - Suggested Maintenance Updates (cont.)

    * Review and/or migrate to new CombatDropManager handling for battles/NPCs and other combat tracker drop handling (see examples in CoreRPG, 5E, and SFRPG)

    * Remove nodelete tags on windowclass definitions (no longer used in FGU)
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