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    Yeah definitely go ask that in house of healing and include a screenshot. That is very odd.

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    As I've been playing, I decided to house rule Monster Reactions from Basic D&D (Moldvay version) and created a table for it. However, I also have been going over the new Swords & Wizardry Revised Complete book and noticed that in the Combat section under Surprise, that it states:

    Monsters do not always leap to the attack. Unless they are on the alert for intruders, the Referee may roll 2d6 to determine whether the monsters attack if they surprise the adventurers. On a roll of 2–6, the monsters are hostile and attack; on a roll of 7–9, the monsters withhold judgment and wait to see if the adventurers are hostile; on a roll of 10–12, the monsters have a positive initial reaction to seeing the adventurers and might even be convinced to offer some help — if they are well paid, of course!
    This same quote is also found in the Reference for the Swords & Wizardry - Player Book in Fantasy Grounds. I have not found a table for it, is this something you could add in a future update? I think it is a helpful rule and other might find it useful as well. In the interim, I'll create my own table for it. The only difference between this table and the Moldvay is a 2 is an immediate attack, 3-5 is hostile, 6-8 is uncertain/confused, 9-11 No attack, leaves or considers offers, 12 Enthusiastic friendship. There are pros/cons to both tables.

    Nevertheless, you may have a table built for already and I just could not find it. Thanks in advanced!
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    Yeah that needs to have a rollable table. Definitely am oversight. I'll try and get it updated

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