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    New drawing tools - stroke editing creates weird connections

    I was playing around with the new drawing tools, which are pretty nice in general.
    When I tried to come up with a way to block out buildings, dungeons and stuff like that, I stumbled upon this behavior.

    This shows the shape I built:

    Now I would like to remove the marked vertices to create an entry way, a place for a door/window or similar:

    The result will be this:

    Here is a gif of the construction process. By using additive construction, I guess the vertex indices might be a bit strange and the resulting new line is not what one would expect.

    There are ways around this most likely, by creating the outer walls and the inner walls separately, but I guess this might be a bug?

    Edit: This is a brand new 5e campaign without any extensions enabled.
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    Yes, you probably want to build the walls separately in this case.

    However, what tools did you use to attempt to make the opening? The animated image shows the original shape, but not the step where you make the opening. (third image)


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    I used the edit tool to select the two points (second image) and used the "Delete Selected Points" option (or press delete on keyboard).

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