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Thread: Big Portraits

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    I'm really short on time sadly (moved in country, new job etc.).

    For now, only 5e was patched for the recent UI updates.

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    This extension does not seem to be working in 5e any longer either. The scaling is all wonky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weeg View Post
    This extension does not seem to be working in 5e any longer either. The scaling is all wonky.
    Might be a problem with the themes, because it works fine on default...

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    I'm told this is an extension issue. It's working fine on default theme, but portraits are small and square in the Winter theme I'm using.

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    It likely is a conflict between the theme and this extension and can only be solved by modifying the theme (unless changing the load order of Big Portraits to something higher than the theme would solve it). If your theme has its own portrait.png and portrait_mask.png, it's going to give you the behavior you're seeing. If you're comfortable with extensions, you can unzip your theme, replace those two files (found in graphics/portraits) with images of 148x148 pixels (I've attached the ones from Big Portraits), and zip it back up and you'll be all set. At least that's what I did to fix the same issue with the theme I use (Baron) - there may be other ways of resolving it.
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    With animated portraits coming in the next update will be nice to see this extension working with those.
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    I brought it up in the house of healing, because it logically made sense to me that it was likely a theme issue (I'm using FG's Winter theme), but there I just get a flat, "This is an extension problem".

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