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    LFP Night of the Gray Death FR 6 PM UTC (17th level, experienced PF2 players only)

    We had one player drop out and have another player with spotty availability, so would be looking for one additional player.

    As this is a high level adventure, I would only recommend it to experienced PF2 players. Simply creating the character will take a decent amount of time.

    The character will start at level 17 and will likely reach level 18 (possibly level 19 but there is no guarantee).

    Most of the party is bringing in new characters (the last session was fairly lethal).

    I highly recommend players to have some connection to / investment in Galt (see here for more information but beware of spoilers if you follow additional links).

    Please note that at least one player is known for his attempts at humour - so do not expect a completely serious game.

    FG License: Ultimate (players only need the free demo version)

    Game System: Pathfinder 2

    Day of week and time: Friday 6 PM UTC

    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3-4 hours, most Fridays (e.g. no session on the 27th due to Paizo Con).

    Term: The party is around halfway through the adventure, so around 6 sessions still to go.

    Text or Voice: Voice.

    Voice software used: Teamspeak, Discord as a backup.

    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: The first half of the adventure was RP heavy, going forward the balance will tilt more towards combat.

    Number of Players in game & needed: Currently four players (one player with spotty availability), one still needed.

    Character starting level: 17th level [NOT recommended to players new to PF2!].

    17th level wealth plus an additional 16th level item (to clarify: in addition to the regular one).

    “A PC can voluntarily choose an item that has a lower level than any or all of the listed items, but they don’t gain any more currency by doing so.

    If you choose, you can allow the player to instead start with a lump sum of currency and buy whatever common items they want, with a maximum item level of 1 lower than the character’s level. This has a lower total value than the normal allotment of permanent items and currency, since the player can select a higher ratio of high-level items."

    17th level wealth: 16th: 1, 15th: 2, 14th: 1, 13th: 2 5,000 gp OR 30,000 gp lump sum

    If you want to deviate slightly from that list let me know.

    Character restrictions: Everything that is PFS2-legal should be fine, everything else is up to discussion (but please double-check with the GM first).

    Details of your scenario:

    Pathfinder Adventure: Night of the Gray Death

    "Galt's executioners are the masked and mysterious Gray Gardeners. Held above the laws of the chaotic nation, these grim killers soak the revolution-wracked land in dread and blood. They behead the guilty and innocent alike with their magical guillotines, but few possess the courage to stand against them. Powerful heroes must infiltrate the Gray Gardeners and put an end to their reign of terror. As the heroes race from haunted crypts to the elegant opulence of an ill-fated masque, the midnight chime will bring salvation or doom to a nation."

    "Night of the Gray Death” is a Gothic horror adventure in the vein of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories. These tales feature horror and mystery but rarely contain extended fight scenes; they instead focus on uncovering eerie truths and witnessing supernatural events. This adventure showcases plenty of thrilling battles, but a higher-than-usual amount of XP comes from unearthing secrets and piecing together clues."

    How to apply: Either reply to this post or send me a DM through the forums or through Discord. Please include a paragraph about yourself (including your timezone as well as your experience with PF2) and a paragraph about your gaming preferences (e.g. by listing around three terms from the Manyfold Glossary you have very strong opinions on.

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    Spot most likely filled.

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