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    Followup from bug thread regarding Psionics

    For example, Luka has just determined that she
    has PSI 9. She now rolls to determine talents. She
    can select powers in any order, so she begins with
    telekinesis. She roll 2D+1 (her PSI DM), +2 (the
    Telekinesis learning DM) but unfortunately, the dice roll
    is a 3 for a total of 6 – less than the number she needs,
    so she does not gain telekinesis.
    Next, she tries telepathy. She rolls 2D+1 (her PSI
    DM), +4 (the Telepathy learning DM) and –1 (one
    previous talent learning check) and gets a total of 10.
    Luka gains Telepathy 0.
    Where as I supposed to drop those skills on the FG Character sheet? I feel like I am spinning wheels here, The book list 5 Talents with multiple powers under each.
    those talents are

    Talent Learning DM
    Telepathy +4
    Clairvoyance +3
    Telekinesis +2
    Awareness +1
    Teleportation +0
    Per previous talent acquisition check -1

    when these talents are learned, then they are added to the sheet as skills that can and do level. All I am trying to figure out is where do I record them when the talent is learned. My character learns Awareness

    Awareness is the psionic talent that allows fine
    control of one’s own body. Awareness powers never
    have Reach – they are used only on the Traveller
    themselves. Awareness is not capable of affecting
    others and may never be used for healing or enhancing
    other Travellers.
    Where do I record that they now have Awareness at level 0
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    And after all of that I found that if I drag one of the powers listed to the PSI Talents of the skill tab, It adds the Actual Awareness Talent to the PSI Talents Tab and moves all the Abilities under that talent to the Psi Abilities Tab. You would think having the actual Talent that you drag to the Talents Section and instead have it add the PSI abilities Section of the actions tab/ Anyway I got it working, Just seems a little unintuitive. Sorry to be a bother.

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    That is whet I was trying to explain in the bug thread.

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    Yea forgive me I was just having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I was looking for the actual talents to drag into the Psi Talents section. I figured Talents go into the talent section and abilities go into the abilities section. Never would have occured to me to drag an actual ability to the talents section.. I was dragging the abilities and trying to drop them int the abilities section and they were not going and I could not find the talents to drop into the talents section.. All is good now.

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