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    [online][DND][5e][Sunday][PST]{6:00} THE PLANETS HAVE ALIGNED

    About me: hi my name is Tyler Im 22 and I have been dming for almost 3 years now I love dungeons and dragons it is one of my favorite hobbies and tonight I wanted to run a one shot that will require the work of brave heroes!

    About the game: The planets have aligned in portals have opened all across the sword coast the only thing that can be seen from our side is a fiery abyss what do these portals mean and can they be stopped? The game will start at 5 or 6 pm PST tonight!

    Required software: fantasy grounds unity demo, discord

    Game rules: Must be 18+ to play!!!!

    Level 10 One shot Point Buy Free feat Roll for HP 2 Uncommon Magical Items 1 Rare Magical Item

    Add me on discord if your interested Tman8715#2718

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    Have you formed your party? interested in participating

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