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    May 14th Game Day

    May 14th's Game Day is being held in partnership with the David Middleton Memorial Con.

    Please register and sign-up for games here:

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    Game listings I'm aware of:

    Slot 1: 11.30 AM UTC - 3.30 PM UTC
    PFS2 2-13: A Gilded Test

    Slot 2a: 4 PM UTC to 6 PM UTC
    PFS2 Quest #11: A Parchment Tree

    Slot 4: 1 AM UTC to 5 AM UTC
    PFS2 1-01: The Absalom Initiation

    PFS2 2-06: The Crashing Wave

    PFS2 Intro 1: The Second Confirmation

    Not on the Official FG Paizo Organized Play Monthly Game Day (but still PFS2):

    Pathfinder One-Shot #2: Dinner at Lionlodge on Sunday, May 15th at 5.30 PM UTC

    There are also two sessions of the first level of the Beginner Box game on the weekend as part of David Middleton Memorial Con but that is NOT being ran as a Pathfinder Society Organized Play event. These sessions are the same, please don't sign up for both sessions.
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