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    Paizo and FoundryVTT - Does this affect FGU?

    Serious question here.

    Given the announcement does this mean anything to the relationship between SW and Paizo or has Paizo just added a second branch? Like the reduced price on PDF / FG module purchase ect.


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    Doesn't Paizo also have a deal with r20 as well? I mean WoTC does (r20 and FG) so I'm not sure why it would affect things related to content for FG?
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    Good. That makes me happy.


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    I'm also curious on things like offering Syrincape content together with modules. I definitely want to make sure FG users have a similar offer in terms of content compared to other platforms, but until we see pricing, I'm on hold.
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    Other than any "bundle deal", there is a free extension (audio overseer) that allows for automatic triggers for sounds when playing on Fantasy Grounds and using syrinscape.
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    I wonder if based on the discount adventure cost being 15.00 if this will change things here.

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