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    Criticals rolled via Chat (extension)

    Hello all!

    No, it's not completely ready (April 3, 2022), but it works (ish). So far what is happening is that:

    1) Locations work! BUT, they only work by putting the location above the Melee/Ranged roll IF locations are chosen in options and the user/player/gm has NOT already chosen a hit location (with modifiers etc).

    2) Criticals roll, but the GM is the evil sneak that rolls the critical (message is delivered by the GM, NOT the person who rolled it... the person who attacked DOES get to roll the dice, but the GM comes in and sneaks in his own roll and substitutes it... greedy bastard!

    To figure out:
    1) Locations currently spit out all the notes that the Table Rolls extension used; I'm thinking of trimming that down so that we just get (so far only) humanoid hit location: xxxxx and none of the notes UNLESS it's selected in sub-options (not hard to implement I think if its wanted)

    2) how to make the output roll WHO rolled it, instead of the roll stealing GM.

    Please let me know if there is anything else that needs tweaking/checking etc.

    Fezzik Buttercup

    1) Put the extension in the extension folder; select it in your campaign (GRUPS Criticals from Chat)
    2) Options are in the option (upper right, Combat Automation --> Hit Location On/Location and Criticals/ Criticals only/ none -- Combat Automation enhanced (should probably call it something else) doesn't do anything at the moment, so ... whatever looks nice
    2a) Hit location on will roll hit location UNLESS it's already been chosen from modifiers (one of the modules that Rigil Kent made have those I believe; as long as it's "Hit Location : " -- it doesn't roll a hit location if you don't succeed to hit
    2b) Criticals only rolls crititcals of [MELEE]/[RANGED] + Critical Success! and Marginal Critical!; unarmed critiacal fails (numerous techniques, kick, punch, bite, but there are probably some missing -- doesn't, yet, do Karate, Judo, Brawling etc as a [SKILL]; and [SPELL] critical failure!
    2c) selecting both - if a hit location is not selected by player/gm before roll, location will be seen BEFORE the roll output; if there is a critical though it will be added AFTER roll output and fused into the critical message
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    Fezzik you can make a video to show this extension?

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    I might be able to do a text tutorial; I have a webcam, but the only reason I bought it was for zoom.

    Basics I'll update the first post though; I probably should have thought of that, but that's why we're a community right? To gently slap people upside the head when they forget things!
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    Thanks for your work! Before I download it, let me understand If I understood it correctly: your extension makes FG roll crits automatically, right?

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    It does, but it uses the same techinique as the AudioOverseer (they don't clash as far as I've seen), and there are a few weird things as I stated, but as long as you follow the basic instructions, it shouldn't be a problem.

    I have another updated version that does the hit locations a bit better but I need to see if I want to do the sublocations. I'd rather do those from a table (like Rigel Kent's) but I haven't figured out how to do that just yet.
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    update on tinkering. I have figured out how to roll off a premade table instead of a table in the scripts. It rolls automatically, so the question might be, would people rather see:
    1) The way it's working at the moment (with some tweaks on not seeing the entire spiel of hit locations unless it's requested in options) and keeping the GM (greedy bastard) rolling the criticals
    2) Letting the player 'roll' the criticals (shows up as player) but the GM has to roll his own criticals (karmic payback!) off a table; hit locations will have to be added by everyone, and they can't be automatic (unless I have two different (ChatManager.registerReceiveMessageCallback(onRece iveMessageTrigger()) but I'm not sure about that; I'd probably just do criticals and forget about hit locations
    3) Someone figure out how to do it the way I wanted in the first place and not use the Chat at all
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