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    Rolemaster/RMC Language Extension File

    Hi all,

    This is a repeat of the same thread (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...Extension-File) just to help people see it. Hope no one minds...

    Anyway, I've attached a file for any ROLEMASTER nerds out there that may be looking for a ready to use Language .ext file (it will state when loaded "Greyhawk and Golarian Languages and Fonts FGU - Amended for RMC" in the extensions panel so don't panic! ). I have looked to see if there is anything else like it, and so far come up blank, but if anyone knows of where another might be, please post a link here as I would like to take a look.

    This is made off of the back of the above mentioned language (packs) by Trenloe et al, and his help to sort out some of my mistakes to get this working was appreciated.

    Couple of things to note:

    The file is a zip of the .ext and a readme file which contains a few disclaimers and some of my notes.

    This is for FGU as I don't use FGC, but feel free to port it over.

    It doesn't list every Rolemaster language but a fair selection of the standard and a couple from Shadow World (probably more than I realise as its been a while since I last played PnP and only recently started getting back into thanks to FGU).

    The extension name will look odd when you've loaded into the extensions APPDATA folder, but the tag at the end - "Amended for RMC" should appear to give you a clue (I'll work on this when I have time).

    I will sort out some of the font assignments when I have time as I think they could be better.

    Any further language suggestions or alterations welcome, or feel free to play yourself (just post anything you do back here for the rest of us Rolemaster Nerds! )

    And finally, thanks and enjoy.
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    Thanks, I will definitely need to check this out

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    Always see requests for something like this.
    Nicely done.

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    i need a ext for middleearth languages

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    Quote Originally Posted by Widukind View Post
    i need a ext for middleearth languages
    See if this fits your need
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