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    Fezzik, confirmed
    When a crit happens (Miss or Hit) there is a roll for each person connected to the table.
    I did the test with 2 Notebooks and 1 PC as a GM and with another open FG as a player, that is, after a critical came out, there were 4 rolls (1 for the GM and 1 for each player) I removed them from the combat tracker and repeated the roll, it was the same amount, I was disconnecting and the scrolls decreased as I disconnected from the table.
    And yes, each one with their roll, as if 1 critical was worth for everyone to roll the table.

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    * sigh * Thanks Yako. I'll see if I can figure out how to do it just once; I assumed that if it was delivered to the chat it was just once and not once to each person (which is what must be going on).

    I added hit locations in it too, and with two connected it displays the hit location twice -- with addChatMessage it is random to each output; with deliverChatMessage it spits out the same messages to everyone. I think I'm going to have to try to find some way to keep the output to one.

    I was soooooo close
    Anybody want a peanut!

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