Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Core Rulebooks Pre-Order
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    Updated ruleset to scripting to prepare for update to Fantasy Grounds

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    -[Updated] Add death markers to ruleset

    [Fixed] An error occurred while dragging kin to character sheet.
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    -[Fixed] removed a floating number control I was using for testing from the combat tab...

    I also send in an update to the Core Book for OEG to update. It fixes a few typos.

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    -[FIXED] NPC attacks can now only be rolled from the CT or NPC records linked to CT
    -[FIXED] PCs/NPCs should now have their proper size reach set on the CT
    -[FIXED] All fields on Kin record should now lock properly

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    [FIXED] Effects Window was throwing an error.

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    [Fixed] Removed deprecated CombatManager.onDrop code.

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    [FIXED] Rolling max values on crit tables should now return correctly
    [Updated] MAX damage fields for each weapon are now editable on the character sheet. (ie for slings)

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    -[Added] XP tab on party Sheet.
    -[Added] XP field to quest records. You can now drag and drop quest records onto XP tab of party sheet to assign XP.
    -[Added] a record shortcut to Spell Lores
    -[Updated] character sheet so you can grow or shrink it.

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    Updated for compatibility with new CORE RPG. Also added several improvements to improve DMs ability to use FG store themes.

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