Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Core Rulebooks Pre-Order
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    VsD Core Book and paid product support Thread

    This thread for feedback of PAID products only.

    Open Ended Games is also looking for people who would like to develop content for the Forge. Please reply here if you are interested.

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    Update to Core Book 3/3/2022

    -[Fixed] Dabbler class record. Removed bonus to body
    - [Fixed] Missile is not spelled correctly

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    Update to Core book 3/20/22
    -[Fixed] Rogue Vocation second Combat skill choice
    - [Fixed] several transcription errors where extra "f" and "l" were added to some text
    -Added image of beast
    -Updated missing save Table in the reference manual

    **This should be posted to forge by OEG in next few days.**

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    Is there a way to create a weapon with a magical bonus? Ie, a Longsword +10 that automatically adds 10 to the CBT when it's equipped?

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    Right now you will need to add CBT:10 to the combat tracker as an effect. That will apply to any weapon attack though. The Quick Start guide I built for the ruleset has a list of all the effects.

    It would be good to automate this a bit. If I added an effect directly to the item and it populated the CT when the "carried" is toggled that is one way but the effect still gets applied globally. Unless I add the Name of the item and do a check first.. Sorry thinking as I type! let me work on this. For now use the effect.

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    I also noticed that the melee and ranged DBs for the Target Shield are reversed...

    Thanks. Ill make sure the core book gets updated.

    I have the first part of the item effects done. On "Carried" it adds the effect to the CT. I need to effect removal (on carried 0 or 1) and script the effects on the rollers. if I get some more time today maybe I can get it out.
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    Thanks I will get the core book updated.

    I am about half way done with the item effects. I have it applying on equip.

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