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    Yay, thank you that fixed it.

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    Cybermancer missing Links to Complex Patterns

    Hello, I have purchased and am using The Esper Genesis Core Manual for a current campaign. The characters just leveled up to 2 and the Cybermancer player could not find any links to the Complex Patterns choices that he is to make at this level in the Esper Genesis Core Manual Player. He was able to find a generic description about what Complex Patterns are but no listing to which abilities these included.
    Screenshot 2024-04-08 090637.png

    I then shared with our group the complete Esper Genesis Core Manual. There, at least, the different Complex Patterns choices appeared, but there were no draggable links for the various Complex Patterns abilities that might be added to the PC sheet's ability tab or actions/powers tab. I know those exist for the Engineer and Sentinel classes, so I expected the same for all the classes. I had to go to the Reference Manual in the Esper Genesis Core Manual to get to the various choices and descriptions for the Complex Patterns, but again, no links to the abilities to put in the abilities tab or the actions/powers tab. I also looked under powers, abilities, and feats to try to find the links for the various Complex Patterns but did not find them there either.
    Screenshot 2024-04-08 091535.png

    I did manually add the choice he took to adjust one of his powers, and we had to look up the Esper Power he chose to add to his sheet, but there was no record of these things in his ability tab or to denote which of these abilities he had taken from the Complex Pattern choices given. I had to tell him to take separate notes about which choices he made. Many choices have prerequisites that have to be kept track of.

    I do not know if this is intentional or an oversight.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi Lawlesslisa, The Complex Patterns are intentional... for the most part. Since we can only get granular with specializations, and in this case it is Persona Forms, you will have to pen and paper Complex Patterns as you did. This is similar to 5e's Warlock gaining Pact Boons at the 3rd level in Fantasy Grounds.

    I will update the Class record to include the Complex Patterns text at the bottom of the record so we don't have to cross-refence multiple locations, that seems to have been an oversight on my part. I'll get the bug fix in and it should be pushed on Tuesday's updates


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    Thanks for the information and fix.

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