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    I'll take a look to see if I can reproduce

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllivasKram View Post
    I had my players today saying they couldn’t see if [HIT] we’re hits as they couldn’t see the icons in the chat channel. Is it now that the icon is honouring visibility whe it didn’t ?
    Look at this. The extension doesn't touch the secret flag on the message data, it passes though what is currently there. That being said the only way I could reproduce this is with the option:
    Game: Chat:Show results to client - set to "Off".

    If that isn't what is going on and it happens again I'll need steps to reproduce. Any errors that happened prior might be of use. It could also be another extension toggling the secret flag

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    Indeed the option as described allows the players to see the icon and the entirety of the line including the the [HIT]

    But they insist they could see the icon previously without the detail on their side.

    Which was a nice feature. But maybe a bug all along

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    Version Update 1.5
    Fixed: Non-delivered (local) chat messages where not being overridden for CAC changes

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    after today update on FGU, we still havve the same error, no one see any dice roll, as a gm i only see my roll, and they only see their.


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    I rolled this back to the previous version last night, this was a nasty one. I got bit by this copy/paste error as well in my game

    Apologies to everyone.

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    Version Update 1.6
    Fixed the disaster that was 1.5

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    Version Update: 1.7
    Feature: 5E: Option to not change the inspiration icon when switching to a CAC Icon Theme
    Fixed: Light theme colors were not all light and were hard to read on dark themes

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    Thanks Rhagelstrom, awesome work as always!
    Discord @MrDDT#0001

    Really click this link and vote for your FGU wishes, more votes is more likely to get done and get what you want done.
    Vote For Idea to Default Modules to GM Shared
    Vote For Idea to Give GM More Hotkey Options
    Vote For Idea to Disable Dice Animations

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    I love this extension so much, and had been (for a long time) wanting to make my own icon set for use with it. So I did! Thought I'd share if anyone wanted to replace an icon set in the extension with mine, you are more than welcome to! (I give my permission to use in that way!) And if Rhagelstrom wants to add it as its own set someday in the future, that would be awesome too (no worries if you don't!)


    Hope someone enjoys them! Attached them to this message as a zip

    Edit to add: My icons are 10px larger than the default sets (60x60 px instead of 50x50px) and haven't noticed any issue with them being sized up so far! I just like them bigger.
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