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    WIP extension - VsDC rolling trick for players and a "shieldup" condition

    Hi there.
    Recently I have been working on an extension for my currently running PFRPG2 campaign. So far I manage to develop a VsDC rolling trick for players and a "shieldup" condition check for effects. It is still in early beta stage so that is why I will not put it into "forge".
    Any help / bug report / suggestion is appreciated here is the GitHub link

    This extension started as a tool to make my PFRPG2 campaign more easy to run.

    For ease of development I outputted the Debug logs chat or console. You can configure this from the settings. Plus you can turn of logging totally ( no need for logs while actually playing the game session)

    SpellAttack VsDc: I used spell attacks to implement VsDC functionality because most of the VsDC checks I used in our campaign included attacks ( trip, shove etc.). it has a easy usage by ctrl + double click weapon roll to use the appropriate skill decided by the weapon trait

    Shield Up Effect Condition: Idea came up when players found a "Dragon Slayer Shield" since there were some other fighter feats doing the same thing I developed this.

    SpellAttack VsDc
    This is a special trait similar to the monster automation VsDC. It actually uses the PF2 VsDC system as a base already present in Fantasy Grounds. When this trait is added to spell attacks traits it will replace the spell attack roll with a skill check vs targets appropriate save/skill DC.

    The trait template is "SKILLVS:*skill_name*:VS:*dc_type*". You can put any Skill name starting with a capital letter in place of "*skill_name*" (i.e. Diplomacy, Intimidation) . You can put any skill name or Save type in place of "*dc_type*" ( i.e. REF,WILL, FORT)

    In addition to this, if your weapon has the appropriate trait ( like trip or shove) ctrl + double clicking attack roll on the actions tab (on character sheet) will roll the suitable VsDC skill check against your target

    How to Use:
    Add a spell to the character on shar sheet on Actions tab.
    Open the cast action details and type VsDC keyword to the spell traits. The cast action should have a "Attack Type" (NOT none) and have a save ( NOT none again) with "Fixed" DC of negative number ( like Will Fixed -1 )

    SKILLVS:Intimidation:VS:WILL With this the caster will roll diplomacy skill check against the Will save DC of his target

    In addition to spell attacks. If you perform an attack while holding down the "Ctrl" key and the weapon you are using has suitable VsDc traits ( i.e trip, disarm etc.) the system will replace the attack roll with a VsDC skill check suitable to the weapon trait (i.e Athletics skill check Vs targets Ref dc if the weapon has "trip" trait)

    Shield Up Effect Condition
    When "sieldup" keyword is used on condition check it will activate the following effect if the char shield is raised. You can add this conditional effects on characters, feat or item automations

    *Example:* **IF:sieldup;SAVE:2 reflex** will give the character +2 reflex save bonus if/when shield is raised

    *Example:* In above example when shield is equipped and raised character gets +2 reflex save bonus

    Weapon Trip, Shove, Disarm Trait Shortcut
    On PC character sheet action tab if you double click the attack roll holding the Ctrl key related action ( i.e. if it has the trip trait ) will be performed to the target ( with appropriate DC, skill, multi attack penalty etc. )

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    I think when they get v19 out, it is supposed to have all the VsDC stuff in it.

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    Welcome to the FG forums @OrinNadiak!

    I've moved this post to its own thread, so people can discuss and you can provide updates etc..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milke View Post
    I think when they get v19 out, it is supposed to have all the VsDC stuff in it.
    Well that is good news .
    When it does I would update the extension accordingly. Currently it is just a trick to make already present npc automations usable by players. The extensions documentation is not complete yet but I will complete it soon.

    P.S. : Thank you @Trenlore for guidiance and help.

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    Thank you for this extension. Apparently i will keep it even after Release 19 as it proven effective way to add various combat maneuvers to NPCs (also much faster from figuring out of automations)

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