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    Figured it out:

    Ki Storm[[R]]
    Trigger A creature enters the prayer room.
    Effect The abbot's spirit appears and begins to channel powerful ki energy. One round later, the room fills with a powerful kinetic storm, dealing [3d10+15 electricity and 3d10+15 force damage] to all creatures in the room. Creatures in the room must attempt a [DC 37 Reflex save].
    > Critical Success: The creature is unaffected.
    > Success: The creature takes half damage.
    > Failure: The creature takes full damage and becomes [deafened for 1 round].
    > Critical Failure: The creature takes full damage, [2d8 persistent electricity damage], and becomes [deafened for 1 minute].
    "DC 37 Reflex save"|Save: Reflex[DC:37][BASIC]
    "3d10+15 electricity and 3d10+15 force damage"|Damage: 3d10+15 electricity plus 3d10+15 force|
    "deafened for 1 round"|Effect: Deafened[D:1][FAILURE]
    "2d8 persistent electricity damage"|Effect: PERS: 2d8 electricity[CRITFAILURE]

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    Nice one!
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