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    More (there are no) stupid questions.

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    I've followed Armin's helpful advice with potential magic items (here) and I've managed to get what I sort of want, BUT, when I import the character into FGU i get the above (see picture); I'm going to try the the last bit on the above thread to see if that will make any difference, if it does, I'll let you know.
    I want to make a mod or something with all the magic items in the base Magic book, for my some-day-maybe-I'll-find-a-group-to-run-a-game-with campaign. I'm not sure how I would do it in FGU or if it's even possible yet (if it is, slap me with a fish so I don't have go through all this twice! ). I know you can change some basic bits in items, but not the entire gambit (at least that's what it seems like, again, see fish comment).
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    So I figured out some things, below is a repeat of the post over on SJgames forums:

    Ok, this is what I needed to do to make it work for Fantasy Grounds.

    You can do bonuslevels or the first tutorial version (both ways work and give you the special version of the spell in your spell tab), BUT, you have to make sure that it's still IQ/H (or VH depending on spell) and not N/A. Once I changed it from N/A to IQ/H it worked fine and I could roll against a skill that actually showed 15.

    They do show whether you have them actually equipped or not, but that probably is just a FGU thing
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    Ok, so now the problem is that I can put the item in the items BUT it doesn't give the spell; and I can't move the specialized spell off the character sheet into the abilities.
    Anybody want a peanut!

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