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    Theogeek's Assassinate (5E only)


    Updated to 1.1.1 in the forge.
    - Hotfix due to changed header for ActionAttack.applyAttack


    - Add advantage based on initiative order (regardless of the option selected below, advantage always depends on initiative order)
    - Add Option to choose if advantage is "per combat" or "per round". Per combat only allows advantage on Round 1, while per round allows advantage on every round.

    OK, this is a niche extension that I've only tested in a few cases, but it seems to work even with all the extensions I normally run with.

    I'm not adding it to the forge yet and I'd like people who play more than I do to run it through it's paces so if you want to help check something out, have at it!

    I wrote this as a coding exercise to address this question on the 5E forums.

    When this extension is loaded, if the attacker has an effect that includes the word "Assassinate" and the target has an effect named "Surprised", if the attack roll hits, it will be a critical hit and do critical damage.

    It does NOT determine if the target is surprised, it merely checks for a "Surprised" effect.

    Anyway, check it out if you want, and I'll add it to the forge if desired.

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    Hi Theogeek.

    What a great extension! I often see Rogue Assassins at the table and having some level of automation will really make a difference to both their immersion in the characters abilities and my ability to be on top of everything my players are up to! I use both JustinFreitas's awesome StealthTracker and bratch9's equally magnificent Surprise Round extensions, and this feels like the last piece of the Assassinate jigsaw!

    One thing I'd love to see added is that Advantage Attack should only be applied against NPCs who are after the Assassin on the CT, is there any way of implementing this?



    p.s. and i think you should definitely put this up on the forge, it's such a great complement to the other extensions I mention above.

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    Thanks Simon!

    I'll look into the advantage attack application...it'll be a good exercise. If I get it figured out, I'll let you know and you can test it for me (if you want that is)


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    More than happy to!

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    Very cool. Looking forward to using this one!

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    Edit: I was mistaken, please ignore
    Last edited by Ludd_G; June 30th, 2022 at 13:32.

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    OK, I was working on this last night and I think I'm about ready to upload an updated version. If it looks good, I'll throw it on the forge.

    I added the assassinate advantage against targets that haven't taken a turn in the combat yet. I'm going to make an option that basically house rules it so that advantage can be chosen between targets who haven't taken a turn THIS COMBAT or THIS ROUND. RAW is a per combat thing, but some may want a per round thing. That will take a little tweaking to get right so I'll upload the "per combat" version and the option later.

    I'll try to upload it yet tonight!

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    Awesome stuff!

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    OK, got a new version.

    Advantage always depends on initiative order regardless of the option.

    The option ""Assassinate -> Advantage once per ..." can be either "round" (can gain advantage on any round) or "combat" (can gain advantage only during round 1).

    The attacker must have the "Assassinate" effect for this to fire.

    If the target has an effect named "Surprised", and it is active, regardless of he round or option, a hit will be promoted to a critical hit. This gives flexibility, but is also a house rule since a target can only be surprised in round 1.

    Let me know if you encounter any strange behavior...I'll post it on the forge if it looks good.


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    So, in my first round of testing, with it set up to trigger ADVATK only on round 1 of combat, and an effect that reads 'Assassinate', target 'Self', with an unlimited duration and set to never expend, it seems to work exactly as described RAW. I'm especially pleased to see that it triggers off the actual round number, which means the 'Assassinate' effect is drop-and-forget, automatically re-triggering with each new combat (as long as you remember to reset the round number to 1). Excellent stuff!

    I also like that the effect works for the whole of the first round, enabling, for example, a Battle Master Fighter to use Commander's Strike in the first rounds on the assassin and still gain the assassin effect's. Excellent!

    Integrating this with StealthTracker and Surprise Round extensions is incredible for the assassin PCs amongst us, and their overworked DMs!!! Tip Top!!!!



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