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    I'm not familiar with the Surprise Round extension - I briefly looked and it uses Round 0...does any combat happen in that round? If so, the Assassinate extension may need some tweaking because it looks for Round = 1, so if combat happens in Round 0, it will not grant advantage.

    And thanks for testing this out!

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    In my playing Surprise Round is used prior to combat starting (which I guess would be viewed as a constant, whilst out of combat, Round '0'), and just checks Stealth -v- PP in selected PCs and NPCs, any actor whose PP fails against the opponent's Stealth has 'Surprised' placed on the combat tracker, which is then picked up by your extension in Round 1 of combat. The 'Surprised' condition falls off after their turn on the CT, thus indicating they can now use their Reactions.

    In my testing this works perfectly for setting up ambushes, stumbling upon enemies whilst sneaking around, bursting through doors against hopefully unsuspecting enemies etc. etc. And if any of your sneaky types happen to be an Assassin, well that's where the pre-placed Surprised condition automatically ties into your extension on Round 1, without me having to adjudicate. So, this works on Round '0' (before combat), prior to your extension triggering on Round '1', so I'm pretty sure there's no need for you to adjust anything, which is always a good thing!

    Thanks again for your work!


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    Great! Thanks again!

    I'll be putting this on the forge after work today!

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    Updated to 1.01 to fix a tiny bug where the text in the options menu didn't show up.

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    Updated to 1.1 to add an option for Surprised targets. Options are: "once per combat" (only effective in Round 1, initiative order applies), "once per round" (effective each round, initiative order applies), "whenever" (effective each round, initiative order does not apply).

    Pretty much added for special cases where the DM might want to allow an assassin to surprise crit-hit a target that would normally not be "crittable" because of initiative order.

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    Uploaded 1.1.1 to the forge to fix ActionAttack.applyAttack header change that resulted in an error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheoGeek View Post
    Uploaded 1.1.1 to the forge to fix ActionAttack.applyAttack header change that resulted in an error.
    Was going to post for this one too. Good catch!

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