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    New Castles & Crusades Ruleset Wiki?

    When can we expect the Castles & Crusades ruleset wiki to be updated to reflect the new version of the ruleset?
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    Hey what changed in the PH new edition from the last edition?

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    It's being worked on as we speak as well as new videos but no exact completion is available yet. We will be announced once it's done but you can keep up with updates in our official discord server - https://discord.gg/trolllordgames

    Thanks for the inquiry!

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    As far as the Fantasy Grounds version, it had full automation now with drag n drop character creation, spell automation etc. It also contains all the updated artwork and layout of our new 8th printing. For more exact information feel free to talk to the other trolls in our official discord server - https://discord.gg/trolllordgames, that bunch over there knows it all!

    Thanks for asking!!

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