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    Feature request

    would it be possible to have all extras and stunts as draggable items on to the character sheet as so i dont have unlock the Ref Man and do a copy and paste?

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    Small request. The white text on yellow buttons is hard on the eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kairos View Post
    Small request. The white text on yellow buttons is hard on the eyes.

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    I have reached out to the author of this ruleset and asked about NPC art tokens or pogs to be included in this ruleset. I would be willing to make some simple ones available for the Devs to use for this ruleset based on best practices and an official clearance from the publisher. Mailing out to James H.
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    Is there a Wiki guide for this ruleset (the FG set for ICONS, not the ICONS RPG set itself)?

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    Any chance for auto attack rolls? Where you could pick one or the other as Defense. Where it could be Coordination or Acrobatics (Trying to remember the two from memory) for defense?

    How about a bigger Powers field on NPCs or even just a second page? So we can see more of it instantly.

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