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    Question About Legacy C&C Ruleset

    Hi sorry if this has been answered somewhere on the forums but I'm not sure how legacy content is handled on Fantasy Grounds.

    I see you cannot purchase the old C&C items in the store with the release of the new ruleset, however all the modules I purchased are still on my computer both in my existing campaign and if I create a new one. (Some of them I can unpack with the newer ruleset) If I were to purchase a new computer or re-install FGU and update the software does it still register that I own the old content and grant me access to it? Or do I have to make manual copies now in order to continue to use the legacy content I previously purchased?

    In other news thanks for updating the ruleset, I'm really liking it!
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    Content is tied to your FG account (elfmage in your case). When products are removed from the store they still remain in the FG update system and are still tied to your account and will be downloaded to your FG install when you do an update.
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    Awesome that's great! Thanks for the response
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