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    Random Loot Generation Extension

    I'm on a roll, and started working on a Random Treasure Generator Extension for PFRPG2. I got pretty far, but I wanted to ask the community that prepares their non-AP game some questions.

    The way I'm setting it up, one press of the button will create all items from one level to the other (i.e, if you generate the loot for a level 2 party, it will generate all the loot for all encounters from level 2 to 3). This assumes the GM will distribute the parcel in smaller pieces, or whatever works for his campaign. This is how I personally do it.

    An alternative to it is to "split" that in more parcels. For example, 4 parcels, representing 250XP of encounters each.

    Finally, I could add a XP field, and then split by that amount. So, if you select 80XP (i.e., you'll have 13 Moderate encounters), it would create 13 parcels for you. This feels like too much.

    What do you think? How do you prepare treasure?

    Edit: There is a (paid) new version of this extension if you want to check out, including many other features: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ment-extension
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    Daniel Salles de Araújo

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    I think one big parcel for the entire level is the best. It's very easy to drag the items to smaller parcels yourself if you feel like doing that.

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    If people want to try it out, here it is. Let me know if you have issues with it:


    My plan is to add additional filters to it (item traits), add gems and arts objects instead of gold, and have the option to split in 4 parcels, then I can add to the Forge.

    Any feedback is appreciated!

    Daniel Salles de Araújo

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    I would love art items and gems!

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    I haven't looked at it yet but I think it would be great if there were some checkboxes to include or not include art items or other similar things. For example I think it wouldn't make much sense to have some Art items in a regular dungeon delve, but in a Dragon's hoard or a noble's manor they could make more sense.

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