Game: 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons
Adventure: The Ghosts of Saltmarsh (Homebrew)
Frequency: Weekly
Time: Thursdays 7-10 pm central time
Delivery: Fantasy Grounds and Discord (voice)
Cost: $15/session
First Session: TBD, once there are 4 players

Spaces Available: 6 (0/6 filled)

Payment Method: PayPal, due day before
Commitment: Pay per session. Levels 1-8 minimum
Potential to Continue: Yes

Players: All levels of experience welcome. If you are new I will walk you through character and backstory creation.

Ahoy mateys.

I be your Capt’n, lookin’ for a crew to sail the Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Lemme tell ye this, you youngin’s are in fo’ a treat if you sign up with ye ole pale, Troilius. Ye see her, I be hearin’ whisperin’s o this treasure, you see. The Sword Coast be ran by these pirates, they call demselves the Pirate Lords. But yous see here, they be missin’ one to sit amongst them. Meet me in Saltmarsh, and I’ll test yous merits, maybe give ye a job or two, and we can work out a deal here. Otherwise, I be certain there be honest work amongst the honest folk, but no one ever be gettin’ rich doin’ just honest work, now did they?

-Troilus Cameloth, Ambassador of Monica Oweland, High Council Woman of Saltmarsh

Hello all. As you can see, I am running a paid game of the module Ghosts of Saltmarsh. This will not be the traditional story you see in the module. Rather, I’ve connected all of the adventures to tell an overarching story involving Pirate Lords, Procan, god of the sea, and a mystery involving what Ghosts haunt Saltmarsh to this day. If you’re interested, drop me a line here, or on discord at UTX_Shadow#4933. This game will include the following:

  • Pirate/seafaring themed adventure, with ship combat, ship roles, and exploration of islands in the Sea of Swords.
  • An overarching story connecting the adventures in Ghosts of Saltmarsh.
  • Individual or joint character arcs exploring your PC’s backstory, with notable NPCs from their past popping up. This will be collaborative between me and you, to make sure you’re getting a story that evokes emotion.
  • Morally grey decisions that impact the great living, breathing world. Decisions you make, or do not make, will have an impact for better or worse.
  • You will have access to all the content that I purchase. I am missing some books and those will come shortly.

As a group we will settle on one of three story hooks:

  • Each of you are searching for an alchemist by the name of Ector Moore.
  • Driven to some ideas of piracy, you’re searching for a crew or ship to join. A Pirate’s trust is earned, not bought. And you’re here for tryouts.
  • A mysterious artifact that people believe is a Piece of 8 remains unclaimed. It’s a race to claim one and become a Pirate Lord.

I have a few expectations of my players:

  • Everyone is welcomed at my table, from all walks of life. Hate and bigotry are not.
  • If you are a new player, I will help you with character creation, and backstory.
  • We are a team telling a story. Your decisions matter. Your inactions also matter. Drive the story. Pick a path, even if it is not the most obvious to me.
  • The end of the game should make all of you famous seafaring adventures. It is up to you if you wish to be a pirate or not.
  • Cost is $15 a session, not including session 0. Session 0 will go over group expectations, character creation, backstory, and getting everyone to Saltmarsh.

Also, please reply here or DM me on Discord thoughts on these questions:

  • How would your character fit in with a world full of pirates?
  • What is your character seeking to gain?
  • Is your character open to working with others?