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    Is there a way to increase the (power of the) magnetic snap function?

    After drawing a lot of LOS lines on a map, itís my experience that the snap function only works if you are very (very) close to the point you want to connect to. I do have to zoom in a lot to make it snap (and zoom out to continue, thus more work), but more often it will make an new point close to it.
    I would like to increase the magnet function/power. When drawing separate lines/dots close together, i can always turn the function off if needed. Iím spending quite some time zooming in and out to correct misconnects.

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    Not currently and I don't think this part of the UI is accessible by an extension. But you can add it to the Wish List if its not already there.

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    Hmm, thought so. Thx for the quick reply. It would be a very powerful function if adjustable, even if it needs editing a settings file or so. I'm aware of the wishlist, but there are already many things on it i hope to see ;-)

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