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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfDogg View Post
    Adventures Backpack has several spell links that connect to the PHB 8th ed (if the book is open). Except they don't... Attachment 52307
    This has been fixed, just waiting for it to get pushed on the Forge
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    Not sure if it's intended or not, but the Baldric Belts in FG module are marked as containers rather than normal clothing items as they're shown in the PHB.

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    Will there be one or more adventure modules for low level (2-4) in the next future ?

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    Haven't played in a while (I don't know what update might have caused these problems), but in my last two sessions, some errors.

    1/ When I add NPCs to the Combat Tracker, FGU throws errors that appear to be related to the faction of the NPCs. Throws error on both DM and Player clients.

    2/ The combat tracker no longer respects the option setting that determines if the Combat Tracker will show actual HPs or just a Status. When I add NPCS/Critters to the Combat Tracker, the options setting is ignored and the combatants are shown with the HPs, regardless of the setting, and I have to cycle the option setting through all options and back to Status to get the setting to show properly.

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    I just ran C1 Mortality of Green. We had a blast. Small bug to report... unless a missed a secret reveal somwhere.

    Quagmire the troll was created with Hill Giant stats, I suspect it should have been Troll(Hill).

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