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    Updates on the Forge, 27 May 2022


    Fixed an issue that caused incorrect token scaling

    C Series Adventures

    This is a big one and WILL cause campaign issues, but it's something needed to be done. Anything that a CK should be able to edit within their campaign can now be edited. This affects Encounters (and Random Encounters), Items, NPCs, Parcels, Spells, Story entries, and Tables.

    I'll make sure this is the standard going forward so this won't happen again with Adventures.

    C4 Deleted links to the old Arms & Armor

    As always, if you find something I missed come yell at me on the TLG Discord.

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    Forge Update #2, 27 May 2022

    Monsters & Treasure

    • Some NPC entries having "Huge" or "huge" for size, all read "Large" now as per the book text.

    • Treasure Tables are fully functional and rollable now.

    • Corrected some capitalization I missed previously.

    QOL: Changed up the titles/names of Tables for better organization/readability. Default sort on FG bugs me

    As always, if you find anything else hit me up on the TLG Discord

    -- Perry (Mortar)

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    Forge Update, 28 May 2022

    M&T: Fixed a small issue I found while working on the upcoming CKG.

    Hit me up on the TLG Discord if you find any issue

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    Forge Update 01 Jun 2022

    Ruleset Updates

    - Now using CoreRPG's new currency and encumbrance management systems. This will fix order and starting coin field issues on PC character sheet.
    - Prevents Expert Backpacks from expanding into copies of the contained items when dragged into the Items sidebar.
    - Expert Backpack support has been expanded:
    o Internal Items can automatically be placed into their containers.
    o Provided containers can now start named for their Expert Backpack.
    - Container capacity logic has been adjusted to fit examples given as Expert Backpacks.
    o Stacks of items (aka one inventory line) will only count as one item, so long as the EV value of the stack is under the container's single item limit.
    o Stacks exceeding the limit "auto bundle" into lower EV stacks for purposes of checking capacity but remain displayed as a single inventory line.
    o Items with no listed EV are not counted against capacity. To make an item that stacks up to 1 EV, use fractional EV values.

    DLC Updates

    PHB - changes to groups for better sorting in sidebar windows, internal changes for ruleset support

    ABP - reworked the Expert Backpacks to work with ruleset changes, changes to groups for better sorting in sidebar windows, some other internal changes for ruleset support.

    M&T - more treasure table work, changes to groups for better sorting in sidebar windows, some internal changes for ruleset support

    C Series adventures - internal changes for ruleset support.

    The internal changes won't affect any ongoing campaigns.

    Expert Backpack changes may affect character inventories.
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