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    I'd like to configure with BCEG spells like sunbeam whose creature type has advantage or disadvantage on save.
    Sunbeam; SAVEDMG: 6d8 radiant; SAVEADD: effect - sunbeam; SAVEA: CON[SDC](H)(M); STURNRE (1 turn)
    with in my list of effects: Effect - Sunbeam; Blinded (1 turn)
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    If you want to automate Sunbeam against undead and ooze you can simply add "IF: TYPE (undead, ooze); DISSAV" at the end of your initial effect, like what I've got going on here:
    Sunbeam; STURNRE; SAVEA: CON [SDC] (H) (M); SAVEDMG: 6d8 radiant; SAVEADD: Sunbeam; IF: TYPE (undead, ooze); DISSAV

    Hope that helps

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    Hi, i have Aura and BCE gold install, and i'm not able to set the following:

    '' When the jovoc takes damage, each creature within 10 feet of the jovoc must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or take 4 (1d8) necrotic damage. Fiends and undead are immune to this effect.''

    Aura Of Retribution; AURA: 10 foe; Aura of Retribution; IF: FACTION(foe); NIF: TYPE(undead, fiends); SAVEONDMG: CON 13; SAVEDMG: 1d8 necrotic;

    any help will be welcome.


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