I'm quite excited to have Scott "The Angry GM" Rehm's permission to run this adventure. It's an introductory module written by The Angry GM himself and set in his Angryverse. It's a great way to start for new players, but experienced players are welcome to join as well. For more information about The Angry GM and the module: The Fall of Silverpine Watch, check out his webpage.

Game: 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons
Adventure: The Fall of Silverpine Watch (by Scott "The Angry GM" Rehm)
Frequency: Weekly
Time: Fridays 9pm-12am Pacific Time
Delivery: Fantasy Grounds and Discord (voice)
Cost: $10/session
First Session: TBD, once there are 4 players

Spaces Available: 5 (0/5 filled) plus 2 alternates (0/2 filled)

Payment Method: PayPal, due 1 week in advance
Commitment: Pay per session, estimated 4-8 sessions to completion
Potential to Continue: Yes

Players: All levels of experience welcome, but the adventure is designed for new players
Player Support: This adventure uses pre-generated characters. I can do a 1-2 hour session before the campaign starts to help with using Fantasy Grounds.