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    added perks, though I haven't gotten to testing them all out, so let me know if something isn't working, there's 3 pages of them.

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    latest features:
    -Manual modifications to +/- fields function now
    -Fixed some reference bugs with links and mods
    -Made Traps Explosives and item type, no AP but it gets the damage available
    -Hide locked info on traits like perks do

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    -Added Knockdown % notifications in the chat
    -Added prone toggle to actions
    -Added (unofficial) knockback notifications to melee/unarmed/explosive damage

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    -Changed Modules, GM should also load the Sample Player module

    if this breaks some links just drag em back in. the links are most likely the race.

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    started a campaign myself and got a few bugs worked out in the latest build.

    I wouldn't advise the use of the encounters lists as it was running into a linkage issue with tokens existing on maps, as well as deleted names, which leads to other bugs (naming creatures is probably just a good thing anyway)

    Anyway, the antics of criticals, reminds me of why I like this game

    Happy gaming! and let me know if anyone finds other issues.

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    -Added PC generation to the NPC generator window
    -Fixed up some bugs related to traits

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    Smashing it Zaibach333!

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    -Bug fixes for performance (unnecessary update calls sent to all players reduced to necessary moments, like damage etc.)
    -Bug fixes for targeted attacks
    -Bug fixes for attack+damage specific damage rolls not wiring up correctly

    (EDIT: Also thanks Damned!)

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    Added ModifierStacks : attacks, skills, and core rolls will use the modifier at the bottom left near the dice.

    especially useful for vehicle combat where the pilot check mod needs to be manually calculated each turn

    also pushed a fix to refreshing the ammo remaining in the actions tabs
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    -Added Crit Tables for Targeting
    -modified some weapons
    -added more triggers to refresh the actions tab.
    -Identified all items and put them in the Player Module
    -made a fix to item generation in NPC PC and Item Shop
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