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    I'm a bit ill with Covid at the moment but i will dig out an example and xml file for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryuson View Post
    So, played last weekend and the game went well. The rule set (old as it appears to be) was serviceable. The Attack Action, though simple, was flexible enough to address our gaming needs, though more functionality (like 5e) would always be welcome. In fact, the session convinced a long-time M&M player (unlike me) to learn more about FG to start running his own games.

    A few comments below. To put them in context, realize I'm relatively new to M&M (just started playing it last year) and so is most of group (that one player being an exception). So I wanted things really easy - and automated. I also just started using Unity (having started with 5e on Classic). Anyway:

    1) I found a kludgy way to deal with Area attacks. The rules require a dodge check (if the target is in the AOE). If the save succeeds, the damage effect is halved. Full if the save fails. So, my automation consisted of three lines. The player just had to double click the Dodge save then choose the right outcome (full or half effect). It would be easy enough to just have one line and have the player enter in a mod to halve the effect, but I wanted to make things easy.
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    2) That is an example of a Area Burst Affliction. I found the Attack Action to be helpful for Afflictions but having some additional functionality would be nice. Like automatically assigning the correct effect based on the degree of success (I can dream, can't I?). At minimum, I like to list the set of conditions in a conspicuous place; adding it to the name of the attack was kludgy so I'll probably change it.

    A nice, long text field like you find here (in the more detailed power description) added between the name of the power and the Attack Action would be very helpful.
    Attachment 51282

    Folks who use Hero Labs (and most serious M&M players I know do) will recognize that entry was almost taken verbatim from it. I added it to the detailed power description for reference, including the cost, which I still don't trust the ruleset to calculate correctly.

    Thanks again for the replies!
    The ruleset is currently under maintenance mode as there is no dedicated developer for the system. This means that I am here to help assist in repairing bugs that are reported. There aren't any current plans on expanding it from it's current state. My time currently is split among other systems as well and are under the same mode. These would include Starfinder, Basic Roleplaying, Vampire the Masquerade 5e, this system, and WOIN. That does not mean these rulesets are dead or not being monitored, just expanding the current state of the code to add more features is just not on the table at this time.

    Those are excellent ideas and certainly something I'm adding to my notes for the system. When and if I get a chance to expand the code, these will be considered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superteddy57 View Post
    Those are excellent ideas and certainly something I'm adding to my notes for the system. When and if I get a chance to expand the code, these will be considered.
    Understood and no worries. The ruleset works well enough for my game and I much prefer running M&M on FG than live (I'm seriously considering running it hybrid once F2F games become more feasible).

    Anyway, one other thing I figured out: using the Attack Action for healing, since you can set the attack roll against Base.


    P.S. Hope others using M&M find this thread helpful. Welcome any tips and tricks anyone has learned using FG for M&M!

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