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    Savage Worlds Deadlands Weird West: Are Arcane Devices and Tinkering allowed?

    Are Arcane Devices and Tinkering allowed in Deadlands? My understanding as a GM, all magic in Deadlands is either: Trappings or Infernal Devices. Am I wrong? How can you Tinker without the Artificer Edge?
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    In shorts - yes.

    There is important paragraph on p.17 at the start of New Edges section. It states which Arcane Backgrounds are not allowed in the setting and lists the new one: Blessed, Chi Master, Huckster, Mad Scientists and Shaman. As you can see, there are several ways to use magic and each is having their own approach and trappings. Section No Man's Land on p.51 goes into bigger details what each of those backgrounds give you in terms of powers, arcane skill, tappings and etc.

    Artificer is not forbidden. There is even mentioning for the Mad Scientist's Alchemy edge that you can create potions and etc. for others when you have Artificer edge.

    What will be the challenge is to properly come up with something for the Chi-master and the Huckster. For the other arcane background I can think of plausible explanations of the usage of this feet: Infernal device, totems or charms
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