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    1. Played last 4 years or so after quite an extended break
    2. Playing one FGU game currently on Sundays
    3. Free license

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    Hey Cruise105,

    I am really interested in joining your campaign!

    1 - Experience playing D&D? Actual game play - about 5 months. Been enthusiastically looking for a group - since AD&D

    2 - Experience using FGU? Limited

    3 - FGU License? Free or Paid? I've got the top tier paid, as I was going to run some published stuff for a group, but that all fell apart...

    What drew me to respond most is the published adventures, as running through them is something I've really been wanting to do since 5e was released.

    Thank you for your consideration!

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    1 - Experience playing D&D?- bout 5-8 months if you count me studying the system as part of the time.
    2 - Experience using FGU?- I have 5 months of experience with FG, but I'm pretty decent. I can do most things without help 99% of the time.
    3 - FGU License? Free or Paid? - Paid.

    I saw the listing and wasn't sure if your game is full or not, so I mine as well ask the only thing is, I'm pretty young. So if you have a problem with minors joining, please ignore this but if not, add me here on discord, duk#5169.

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    Hi, this sounds awesome.

    1 - Experience playing D&D?
    I've watched and listened to many hours of gameplay but have not yet actually played.
    2 - Experience using FGU?
    I've looked around a little but not enough to claim any meaningful amount of understanding. However the vast majority of dnd I've watched was played in fantasy grounds. Which is the cause behind my next answer.
    3 - FGU License? Free or Paid?
    FGU Ultimate. I was, at the time, convinced my most likely avenue for getting to play dnd would be taking all commitment onto myself and dming for my friends. While I am still fond of that idea, the reality is I find it difficult to commit to reading the books through fg while sitting at my computer.

    Thanks for lookin at my application, and good luck with the campaign.

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    I am Steve. 52 years old and playing since 1983. 2 plus years on FG. Dependable player. Fun and social. Married father of 3 grown boys. 2 play college football.
    1 - Experience playing D&D? Since 1983
    2 - Experience using FGU? Since 2019
    3 - FGU License? Free or Paid? Free
    4 - Other questions my be asked as applications come in.

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