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    [PAID] Orleion: Dark Days


    Platform and system: 5e D&D, Discord, FGU Ultimate.
    Schedule:Weekdays except for Monday.
    Cost: 10 Euros per player, per session. (Session 0 & 1 are free).
    Slots:2/4 available
    Players: 18+, some experience with D&D, good mic.

    Game Info

    Setting: Orleion is set in a gothic medieval France, it’s pretty grim but her heroes have the potential to be inspiring, romantic, and triumph over evil. You will be playing an adventure full of intrigue, combat, exploration, and interact with a cast of interesting npcs.

    Plot Hook: Your father, Viscount Sigismund Montpiere has sent you to deal with trouble in one of his fiefs. The empire of Orleion is currently in hot waters as a war with the kingdom of Rosen might be in her near future, as such it is imperative that Lacroiette pays its taxes. You are on your way to collect said taxes with a thunderstorm hot on your heels, whatever you find in the coming weeks is sure to change your life forever.

    Player Options:For the purposes of story your characters will be siblings who are human nobles. You have an inclination that your father is testing each of you to determine who will be his heir; Though you amongst yourselves are siblings, there’s an unspoken rivalry among you. You cannot kill each other as it would ruin your reputation as nobles (I would rather avoid PvP), play it smart and your character will achieve their goal. Classes are fully up to your liking but keep in mind that some are seen in a negative light, as mages are not very common and the kingdom keeps a watchful eye on them. Your family is regarded for its stalwart warriors and in equal parts its divine sorcerous origins.

    Level: Your characters will start the adventure at level 3 and will probably get to level 12-13 by the end. I use mile-stones and have implemented achievements and certain perks upon completing activities.

    GM Style: RP heavy but there’s plenty of combat and exploration.
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    Player found. (2/4)
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