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    Rieno, if Uplifted Bear is a really focal part of your character concept, I can dig around to see if I have a boon for that race I can give you.
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    I can play a Vesk Soldier Mercenary

    Quote Originally Posted by Malkavian_Andi View Post
    Rieno, if Uplifted Bear is a really focal part of your character concept, I can dig around to see if I have a boon for that race I can give you.
    I can play a Vesk Soldier Mercenary I'm new to Fantasy Grounds so would there be any help available or could it be setup? I'm open if you have a pre-gen? Or I can create it in Paizo Organized?

    I just want to play and not make it hard for anyone.


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    A Vesk Soldier Mercenary should be possibly without any difficulties. I should also have most of the pregens.

    You can either send me a pdf of your new character (as you can previously did with the other character) or I can put up the server a bit in advance in order for you to build it yourself. If you are not familiar with FG, I'd recommend the first option as there is a bit of a learning curve involve.

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    My PC is ready. How do you want me to send you my exported PC file?
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    You can either send it to me in advance (contact information on the game calendar page under GM announcements) or import it before the game.

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    Am I good to go or do I need to send a character over PDF?


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    The uplifted bear unfortunately would not be possible without boon.

    The vesk should work but would need to be input on FG before the game.

    Most of the pregens should also work.

    Note that I'll be running a game in a few minutes, so I'll be unavailable during that time.

    If you send me a pdf of the vesk I can try to build it in-between games - though that is dependent on how quickly I finish the first one.
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    I'm sorry I cant create something that fast, If you had time either a vesk soldier mercenary or Android Technomancer Outlaw will work I can login ever you need me to and help create it I don't Fantasy grounds very well it's still confusing to me!
    Rieno#6507 is my discord Any help is appreciated!

    Thanks You

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    I basically copied the vesk pregen (which should be good enough to get you started) but if you want to make any adjustments, let me know.

    The server is up.

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    Chronicles sent.

    I'll see whether I can schedule another game in the next few weeks (and it seems like there is at least one other person that could potentially run games).

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