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    -[Fixed] magic damage immunity was being improperly applied when monsters had both resistances and immunities under certain circumstances.

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    -Added modifer buttons under Chat Window
    - Fixed turn tracker to update the time of day.
    - Added an onDrop script for spell tabs. To add a spell just drop it on the spell sheet. It will automatically create any windows and place the spell in the proper place.

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    -Updated several rollers to utilize new modifiers buttons on desktop (This should now be all die rolls)

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    -Updated dice panel to account for new dice size on desktop.

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    -[Fixed] all handler functions will now properly function(to account for changes in this last update.)
    -[Fixed] Effect script to account for changes in this last update.

    If you find anything else please shoot me a message or post in this forum!

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    [FIXED] Dice panel, Tower, and modifier buttons should now all be able to be unlocked.

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    - Fixed error that occurred when PC not on CT dropped a attack dice on a NPC on the CT
    - When you Rest it now resets spell slots. It does not reset scrolls, powers or potions of the headers are labeled. It is looking for some variation of the default header when you drag and drop spells.

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    Happy New Year Everyone
    - When you drop a small race with a defensive bonus to the Combat tracker it will now automatically place the effect "Defensive Bonus:2". This effect was previously automated for attacks but now you do not have to remember!

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    - [Fixed] When expanding an image it will no longer block the sidebar

    As a note I did an extensive update to the coding based on some feedback I received. Maybe we will see some performance improvement but it will probably be imperceptible to most of us. I tested if but if you get a console error please post a screenshot or better yet send me a message on discord. Thanks

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    -[UPDATE] Added automatic range tracking (auto applied modifiers) for range and thrown weapons. This only works if player and NPC tokens are on same map and on the Combat Tracker. It will work whether your target normally or drag from chat onto a token. If you have custom weapons that are not working please report it. Thanks SeanPS
    -[FIXED] Save and Initiative rollers will now behave normally on drag operations
    -[FIXED] When creating a NPC record from the notes section of the character sheet if the NPC node did not exist in your campaign it threw an error. Now it gives a warning to open NPCs from the sidebar.
    -[FIXED] NPCs were not displaying the correct status message when dead (on some occasions)
    -[UPDATED] The SRD now has base weapons, armor, and shields added.
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