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    -[Fixed] Assassin and Thief LD/HN skill will now update as they level
    -[Fixed] The general melee and ranged attacks on the character sheet were not allowing the result from chat to be dragged onto a token or the CT. This is now fixed.

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    - Added the ability to drag parcels with coins directly to the XP tab of the party sheet. It will auto calculate XP and add a single entry for all coins.

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    - Added Weapon Proficiency and Specialization [Optional Rule] to Options menu. It will show up under your abilities Tab.

    Example (s)

    Wielding a Short Sword and a Long Sword

    Proficiency name = "Sword" means both weapons are proficient
    Proficiency name = "Long Sword" means only the Long Sword is proficient

    capitalization and leading or trailing spaces do not matter.
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    - Added the ability to drag and drop items into the PS Encounter section to award experience for non magic treasure.
    - Updated the weapon proficiencies for CC1 and CC2 classes or custom classes.

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    -Added an option (in Options Menu) to auto roll initiative each round. This is only enabled when you are using the individual initiative option.
    -[Fixed] a recursive warning when toggling attack type.
    -[Fixed] a issue with the CC2 item encumbrance with coin weight calculation

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    - Added Automated Item effects. Equipping an item with an effect adds it to CT. (torches ring of protection etc) Tomes will require an update but for now you can add the effects on your own.
    - Added two Fan made Decals. great job to TheSimpleDM
    New Decals.jpg

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    - [Fixed] Class record so that an empty field displays on Data Tab in order to input custom class data.
    - Added a button on the bottom of the Notes page for the GM to turn the PC into a NPC record. It converts everything but spells. I may go back in and script that at some later time. Saves are set based upon HD value (which is the PC level)
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    - Updated several frames, frame offsets, and anchors for Race and Class records to improve readability.

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    Small Update

    - Updates several frame offsets and anchoring to improve readability.
    - Removed frames for description text fields. This will visually improve many of the records if you use a custom SmiteWorks theme.
    - Friars can now turn undead. (In case your homebrewing Dolmenwood stuff)
    - Modifiers should correctly apply to ability and d6 Skill rolls. For example a +1 bonus to a Strength roll reduces the die result by 1. If that doesn't make sense let me know!

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    - Corrected issue with assigning vision to NPCs

    I pushed an update to NG for the Adv. Players Tome as well. Added vision effects and fixed several typos.

    If you are using the Cohorts Companion extension make sure you drag the cohort to the Combat Tracker from the NPC record not from the character sheet. We noticed an issue in our game where it was pulling the characters AC not the cohort/companion. I'll adjust this next week when I get some time.

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