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    Using the modifier box reported incorrect results for d100 skill rolls.(fixed)

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    - Bane weapon support. Weapons that do bane damage (+3 dragon slaying) are now automated. The weapons work as is out of the referee tome but monsters now have a tag field (bottom right) . I will be updating the tome as time permits but for now you can simply add the tag once you place it on the CT if required.

    - Encumbrance option 2 is fully implemented from the options menu

    - Spells are now on their OWN TAB. More changes to come to better help you track and organize your spells soon.

    - Encounters: You can now adjust HP for monsters on your encounter window. (Special thanks to Celestian for giving me the ok to use his method)

    - Resiliency bonus for races are now implemented. With that a new field may appear to split poison and death saves.

    - Poison is now added to spell save types. Monsters will be adjusted in the tome when I do the tags. Save rolls for poison are automated.

    - Fixed a bug for unarmored AC

    - XP fields will now disappear on the character sheet if you make a multi class character.

    - Fixed XP bug with multiclass where a single XP point was added even when their was no remainder after the XP split.

    - When making a multiclass character class names will automatically populate.

    - A die icon was added to basic melee attack roll control

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    -[Extension]Updated the BX to OSE converter extension to take advantage of new HP block on encounters. If the 2e record is missing HP data it will now roll it randomly.
    -[Ruleset]Adjusted a few underline offsets that changed with Core RPG update

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    - Added check for group initiative rolls to prevent an error if player was not on the combat tracker
    - Added Dual wield automation support

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    -[Fixed] a Bug where skills (success chance) did not update on the abilities tab past level 5. This also requires an update to the Adv. Fantasy Tome that has been pushed to NG. This only affects classes with d100 skill rolls. No error is thrown but you may have to to update the the percentile manually until the fix is in.

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    -Add mundane damage immunity and silver weapon damage automation. NPCs in referee Tome have had these coded for sometime. if you see any I missed please post in the feedback thread.

    -Cleaned up a few frame offset and alignment issues
    -Simplified the drag and drop of race. You should not notice this change as it was all back end. Existing campaign should be unaffected.

    - ADV, Fantasy Referee Tome Updated today with the fix for class skills.
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    - Wisdom modifier will automatically apply to spell saves
    - "Poison Save" control box is now visible and rollable for all classes. Adjusted tooltips for Deeath Save control box
    - Scripting is in to support Carcass Crawler 2 Item encumbrance method. All of the tomes will be updated when CC2 goes on sale. Encumbrance values for items in adventures will not be added unless other updates are required.
    -D6 skills will now auto show when class selection is made and HPs are rolled. (Ranger- Forage/Hunt, Dwarf - Construction Tricks etc)

    Please post any bugs or feedback in the feed back thread in this forum. Thanks!

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    3/28/22 HOTFIX
    -[Fixed] NPC(s) with immunities should now take damage when appropriate

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    -[Update] The "Menu" button has been placed next to the Turn Tracker on the CT. From this menu you can: Delete all foes or all non friendly, rest (removes effects, order, and restores 1 HP), or you can reset turn order.
    -[Update] Spells window has undergone another mini revamp. You can now select spell slots and track spell uses. (This brings it inline with other FG rulesets) Casting the spell automatically checks a pip.
    -[Update] Changed the cast Icon to a Wand. Rolling it will still automatically result in a targeted save roll.

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    - Completed spell tab revamp. Please watch the video below. It now works more like other FG rulesets.

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