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    -[FIXED] an issue with item effects being applied improperly
    -[Updated] Many frames within the ruleset to use base CORE RPG frames. (This will allow better compatibility with new build on Test and allow use of the new default Baron Core RPG theme that is on test once it hits live)

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    -[FIXED] an issue were death indicators were not being properly added to maps (this is edge case when HP were adjusted on the fly after adding)

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    -[ADDED] an XP block to sidebar quest entries.

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    -[UPDATED] attack rolls to show effects from ac or attack modifiers in chat. This way you can quickly double check to ensure all effects were properly applied.

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    -[ADDED] You can now select "Random" for hit points in options menu. This will roll hp randomly instead of applying the average when adding a monster to the CT.
    -[FIXED] "-1" can now be used in the HP bonus field for NPCs. (I'll get the Tome updated after the Kick Starter)

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    -[FIXED] Item base encumbrance should now report correctly when toggling to carried.

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    - Adjusted formatting on a several frames and fonts
    - Moved the Spell effects to a separate tab on the Spell window to improve readability.

    I also sent an update to NG to correct a missing spell as well as update a few missing spell effects.

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    -[FIXED] Advanced Fantasy Players Tome: added missing arcane spell protection from evil. This spell is different from the divine version. Also updated the effect tag for all versions of the spell.

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    [FIXED] Some items with special characters resulted in incorrect proficency values being applied (under CC optional rules)
    [UPDATED] WOUND and HP behavior will not function like most other FG rulesets for player characters.

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    [FIXED] !!REALLY FIXED THIS TIME!! Some items with special characters ( the dash) resulted in incorrect proficency values being applied (under CC optional rules)

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