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    I had a lot of fun with this ruleset back in the day as well. I would love to play it again, even if it meant buying it from the store here after someone put it together!
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    Thank you for the attempt and the humor. I do believe i will use Skype (as needed if my son wants to play from Germany), my knowledge of the system, and complete rules that I have down stairs to introduce my new players to this system. They will love it. Time to remind them that the marvel universe is not just in flashy movies.

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    Is there a place to download this? Maybe even without the images and trademarked content?

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    It doubt it would even run on the current version of FGC/U....

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    Considering all things just rolled on one single table/matrix..... this system should be pretty simple to do. Even without a dedicated rule set, you might be able to build a table for each ranking to roll on.

    As to my post and the discussion long ago on here, there is a version called FASERIP floating around. Just like a lot of the OSR titles, game systems cannot be copyrighted, so the mechanics of a system can be used in other properties apparently. The artistic representation of rules mechanics CAN be copyrighted however. There are like 3 clones of this system floating around. Some change colors and keep names, some changes names and keep colors. But all of them should be pretty easy to adopt in FG.

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    Yup, created a theme, imported the Universal chart and created some character sheets using CORE. No ruleset is really needed for MSH.

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