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    I just have to add another DITO into this thread.
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    I know its been a while, but I just want to bump this 'cause I would still use it. If anybody wants to pick up the torch for this, I and many others would be appreciative.

    Go Go MSHRPG!

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    Yeah! What happened to this project anyway...? it started so well and it looked so cool...
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    Hey guys. It's got to be close to 6 years since I last here. I recently was talking to an old gamer friend of mine who played in a MSHRPG game with me way back in high school. It was great to reminisce with them and we both ended up getting the itch to play some FASERIP! We have been struggling on getting a table top game going despite our best efforts and then i remembered the ruleset I had started oh so long ago for Fantasy Grounds. I'm quite sure that we won't even get a Fantasy Grounds game together either, but I was surprised when I was able to find this thread and even MORE surprised that I was able to find all my old files I had worked on.

    Anyway, the progress of the ruleset had screeched to a halt so long ago. I am so rusty with my meager skills of editing Fantasy Grounds, it would seem doubtful that I would get this ruleset finished on my own. However, if anyone is at all interested in these files and would like to take up the challenge to finish what I started (or try a collaborative effort), please let me know! I would love to see this ruleset be added to Fantasy Grounds and I would love it if others could enjoy the game of super hero goodness too!

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    I have fond memories of this game as well. This ruleset sure would be a treat. I don't possess the necessary technical skills to complete the project but am giving this a bump. Let's hope someone can do it.

    What is left to do with it? Perhaps some "tables" functionality could be borrowed from the Rolemaster ruleset.
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    Right now, this is mainly just a re-skin of Fantasy Grounds. The Character Sheet could probably be tweaked for starters, but beyond that, personalities and the Combat Tracker have not changed from the original. Also, it would be useful to have the dice set up to be, by default, just a d100 with access to the other die types being used via the radial menu.

    I was also thinking that the functionality of the ruleset could be improved. For example, it would be nice to be able to drag the dice from a power or ability to the chat window to roll. It would automatically compare the rank to the Universal Table and provide the result. To expand on that even further, it would be even better if, on the character sheet, you could assign the type of roll it is (ie. Remarkable rank, Blunt Attack) and then when the roll is made, it automatically states the colour success and the special result. It might look like this:

    Spiderman: Remarkable Blunt Attack - 81 (Yellow result - Slam!)

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    It's probably best to use your existing graphics but start fresh on top of the CoreRPG ruleset. That will give you some nice options out of the box that were not available back when you first worked on this.

    With the content referencing both Marvel and an older TSR product, I think licensing this would be very difficult to do. It *would* be awesome if it was ever possible to re-release these older products in a new format just for Fantasy Grounds. The TSR copyright probably was transferred over to Wizards of the Coast. Because of the Marvel tie-in, I'm not even sure if it could be re-produced again even if Wizards of the Coast wanted to, though. Bummer.

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    There is a CC-licensed retroclone named 4 colors, though. Creating a ruleset for this free game would be possible, and it is rather compatible with all the hero statistics that are freely circulating over the internet.

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    Do you happen to have a link?

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