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    Quote Originally Posted by jthm0138
    Actually this is only half of the reason, I found out recently that the other half of the reason is that their is a rash of idiots who have for some reason started role playing. (Not aimed at anyone here) Just some people I know (In real life) who say they have been playing for 10 years but cat figure out how to make a character in D&D 3.5 (Mind you I'm not talking about 1 person here, this has actually happened with at least 3 people I know)
    Hmm I would like to comment but then this thread would turn into a RPG style debate rather than a "cant wait" for this great format to be finished.

    Yeah the RPG universe is diverse with all kinds of RPGs and a basic approach to objectives:

    Some love Roleplaying, some love hack n slash, some love puzzles. The group I have always known since I first started back in the 80's was pretty much treating RPGs like a miniature battle game with a splash of content (box text read at certain junctures). People would be in snooze mode until they were asked to roll a die or call me when we need to roll for initiative.

    The terms role play and roll play are used (*note if you're a person who is easily offended by words or comments, I do not apologize for my words, I feel they best describe what I mean - if you "chose" to be offended thats your choice as that is not my intent)

    I do not care for Dungeons and Dragons or any leveling systems. Why? Because 80% of the handbooks are not used. Its just min max power gaming. Take feat/skill XYZ because its all about math and combat for to win and you have to kill things to gain exp and treasure. So you never play a paladin, why? Because its like in a MMO, your a SUB class of a Fighter and a Cleric. You could never be as good as a pure fighter or a pure cleric. So omit those classes and put in just the pure uber classes and feats. Never play a halfling, why? A halfling takes severe math penalties for minus strength and weapon choices (small), so the Half Orc Barbarian does 80 damage with his multi attacks and bonuses and the halfling does a d6 - because some GMs believe despite what AO rulings say in the book, you still have to roll to sneak/hide and than you get to roll to hit for a backstab to maybe do x 3 dmg. Too much randomness to get a "good" shot and still nowhere near the damage a warrior can do flat out with little chance of failure.

    So that is why I would much rather prefer to play GURPS or Powers and Perils. A priest in Powers and Perils can wield like a warrior and be just as deadly. A pixie can be deadly in Powers and Perils. Everyone can be deadly in Gurps. No Voltron needs to be formed by a group, blue tiger warrior, green tiger cleric, etc in order for the game to happen or work or its total party kill and super boss mob cackles. Wait we need to heal, play stops, everyone heals, sleep, repeat till okay to move on.

    So back on topic, Marvel! Cant wait. And the people I choose to play this wont be allowed to build I win button characters. IE, a single power or a few feats wont be the the insta winner every situation.
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    Galactus wants his rules set or he will send his heralds after you!

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    Hey everyone,

    I haven't checked the FG site for quite some time and low and behold, there's a bunch of posts for the MSHRPG mod. I appreciate all the ethusiasim that you have, but honestly, I haven't worked on the thing for what seems like ages.

    With that said, I might be inspired to finish a few things up here, but being the perfectionist that I am, I want the mod to be perfect. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to complete it to the point I wish to on my own. I'm really struggling with modifying the Personality pages as well as the combat tracker (and almost everything else other than the character sheets and the graphic modifications). I know it's not completely necessary to have the combat tracker fully functional nor the personalities pages, but like I said, I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

    If anyone can at least get me on the right track with the combat tracker and/or personalities, I might be more inclined to finish this mod.

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    Well I spoke briefly with someone who knows XML and how to help you, but since this game is still copyrighted, they would be unwilling to aid you with that portion of the design as they are also connected to FGII in a way. And I guess the two things you are asking for is the trickiest parts about rule sets for FGII and supposedly only a few people know how.

    So I guess I am going to treat it (Marvel RPG) like the Battlegrounds Software and will just have to use FGII as a digital roller but still be able to load maps and keep track of other things by old school Pen and Pencil. A skin background would be great and rules set but playing the game is more important to me than having all the bells and whistles.
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    Need need need need need...

    I seriously can't wait for this to come out. I'm dying to get a party together and kick some bad guy booty.

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    Yeah we need some folk to collaborate on how to code the final touches with a damage tracker and what not. I would do it but I dont know XML or whatever is needed to work with FGII

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    I just got FGII after being away for awhile. I came back looking to see if someone had already worked out some systems I have been craving and here one is: MARVEL! WOohoo!

    I'm willing to take a look at doing whatever it takes to get it done. I'm not a coder, but I can tinker around a bit to try to get it to work, if you're interested.

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    Any updates on this projects progress?

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    I'd really like to see this mod too. I absolutely loved the old MSH game. Any updates?

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