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    Enhanced Skills extension

    Forge Link: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/410/view

    This extension adds a "T" label for trained skills, automatic skill synergies and an overview of the total skill points available.

    The skill synergies are only enabled in the 3.5E ruleset as Pathfinder1e doesn't use them.

    For skill snyergies please use the following RAW notation for skills with sublabels:

    Example: Knowledge (nobility and royalty)

    If you have any errors, questions, suggestions, or anyhting else, please post them here in this thread.

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    An update for this extension after the July ruleset update is not needed and there are no known issues.

    If you experience issues, please post in this thread with as much information as you can.

    v1.1 Deleted some unused code, the extension is still completely functional in v1.0 (will go live as soon as Forge update is acknowledged.

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    Survival isn't linking to my character's Knowledge (Nature) for the bonus. Any way I may be entering something wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tauger1 View Post
    Survival isn't linking to my character's Knowledge (Nature) for the bonus. Any way I may be entering something wrong?
    The wording is case-sensitive. So only Knowledge (nature) is working right now.
    As this is a pretty early extension of mine, I'll do a rewrite of some code for such cases in the near future.

    You might need to delete the old nature skill and create it anew for it to grab the new value.

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    v1.2 Script update

    • Icon (contribution by @SirMotte)

    • Underlying core script logic to be more robust. If you should see any errors (there were none in my testing of old & new data), re-enter the synergy skill ranks.

    The update is currently in review, I'll switch it to live when it's available.

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    v1.3 Feb-2023 ruleset update

    • Migrated getdatabasenode() to DB functions
    • Multiple synergies now stack (I haven't found a definitive ruling on this, but I personally found this the most logical)

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